Is BTC Transaction Unsuccessful? Here is How To Fix it!

If you just have made an incoming or outgoing bitcoin transaction to an account and end up watching an error says, “BTC Transaction unsuccessful”, It may due to so many reasons. However, it is an expected technical error that Nobody would nevermore face. Here, We are going to cover in-depth tips for troubleshooting such issues while making BTC transactions. Let’s have a dig deep at the Bitcoin Unconfirmed Transaction issues, responsible for the failure of BTC Transaction.

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Fix Error in BTC Processing Transactions

Follow these 2 steps to avoid BTC Transactions errors:

Follow the Full Process and Verify All Confirmations

The process of making bitcoin transactions are secure with assurance gateways through 6 confirmations in the blockchain from the MINORS before they even processed. After all the confirmations, You are only allowed to complete the process, and let allow BTC into your wallet. However, the process duration depends on the Bitcoin network i.e. like how congested is that can always be checked how much Blackchain’s traffic running at that time on the cloud as There are always possibilities in the mining of the transactions.

Get Transaction Hash ID

Get Transaction Hash ID

If you have processed the transactions and want to look up to your transactions, you can always check the process through the blockchain explorer by examining the bitcoin wallet address you sent your funds to. Here, you can find the transaction hash ID[1] that will inform it’s execution in the mining process.

Failed or Incorrect BTC Transactions

Failed or Incorrect BTC Transactions

Not always you face such error says “Failed or Incorrect BTC transactions” even after you’ve been made sure about making all the verification process right. And after it all, The time of the process has been over that was needed compulsory, but still, there are no funds arrived into your wallet. It may have been because of the failure of your transactions due to some invalid or incorrect wallet address ID or insufficient funds.

Steps to Fix Failed or Incorrect BTC Transactions Problems

First, you need to check a blockchain explorer to see for all you did was in the right way to the right address. Once you’ve verified that the transaction was successful but yet not inside your BTC wallet, you need to make a call to the Bitcoin Customer Service department, I am not sure if you can find their official support phone number but it should be the first step to fix this issue. However, there are other ways to get connect with the BTC helpline like you can send them an email to generate support key or something like that.

Before Contacting to the BTC Helpline, Follow This –

Previously, You followed Step-2 (See in top of the article) So now you have a transaction hash ID, which will help you to get a transaction overview by the help of Blockchain explorer.

Through the Blockchain explorer, You will be getting the bitcoin

  1. Address of the wallet that transaction was sent from
  2. A link for the Transaction has ID to show the payment was made.

Once the support team receives all the required details related to your Bitcoin Unconfirmed Transaction, they will further investigate and assist you further.

Additional Tips to Fix BTC Transactions Error with other Cryptocurrencies.

Error in BTC Transactions

Error in BTC Transactions with Other Cryptocurrencies

BTC Transactions with other Cryptocurrencies are subject to the third party as there is no Blockchain Exchange system to trace anything for exchange transactions between the third party.
Here is an overview for BTC Transactions exchange and how to get support with other Cryptocurrencies

  • Error in Bitcoin (BTC) to Litecoin (LTC) Transaction

You always need to go through “Terms & Condition” before Making any transactions from BTC wallet to any LTC wallet that the guidelines allow making payment in instant mode. However, the support forum of LTC can help you to resolve this issue by posting your thread.

  • Error in Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) Transaction

As per third party BTC exchange websites, The current BTC/ETH exchange rate is 54.96 which is based on the third-party transaction. If you’re making a transaction to Litecoin, You need to make sure that the wallet is genuine and then contact the support team of Litecoin’s official website.

  • Error in Bitcoin (BTC) to Zcash (ZEC) Transaction

“If bitcoin is like HTTP for money, Zcash is HTTPS” Zcash wallets took more time to process a transaction. Go to the official wallet website of ZEC, and make a support thread inside support forum in case you’re making BTC Transaction.

  • Error in Bitcoin (BTC) to Dash (DASH) Transaction

Dash (originally known as DarkCoin) is a more secretive version of bitcoin. If you’re making BTC to DASH Transaction, then go to their support forum and place a request to the status. They’re very much likely to resolve the issue in seconds.

  • Error in Bitcoin (BTC) to Ripple (XRP) Transaction

XRP is a real-time global covenant network that awards flash, secure and low-cost international remittances. With the XRP[2] transaction, You always need to make your transition from a secure wallet. They also have their support department of XRP’s official website.

Still, Your Issue “Bitcoin Unconfirmed Transaction” Not Fixed?

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If none of any support doesn’t work for you, time to leave a query to the Crypto helpline number and get assistance to resolve your query. Bitcoin transaction errors are techniques that can be fixed with some useful steps that you need to follow, and our advisor will be assisting you.

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