How to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Cash App?

Do you want to understand the procedure to transfer Apple pay money to the Cash app? If yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. In this blog, we will walk you through the step-by-step guide to help transfer money from Apple pay to the Cash app. A lot of you may be trying to do it on your phone but fail to do it due to unknown reasons. For all those users, this guide can help them all do it without further delay.

Before moving on to the ins and outs of transferring money from Apple to the Cash app, we would like to make it clear that Apple does not support the Cash app, and hence, there is no direct way to transfer money. But, here’s a catch.

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How to transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash app?

Despite the unavailability of any feature directly supporting Apple pay transfer to the Cash app, there is an option to transfer the funds through ‘Apple Pay Instant Fund’.

You will first have to move your funds in order to transfer the Apple money to the Cash app. Following are the steps to be followed.

On iPhone: Open the wallet app. Go to the Apple Cash card and tap on the more button.

On iPad: Go to the Settings menu and select Wallet then Apple Pay. Choose an Apple cash card.

  • Select the option to transfer to the bank
  • Enter the desired amount and click on the ‘Next’ button
  • Select the transfer option either instant transfer or 1-3 business days. (Please note that instant money transfer charge fees)
  • You need to confirm the transfer using the face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • Wait for the time until the transfer is complete

Soon after the transfer takes place, you can use the funds to move money to your Cash app wallet.

Here’s how you can transfer from Apple Pay to Cash App:

  • Launch the Apple Pay and go to the card info section.
  • Tap on the Apple Cash card
  • Tap option more
  • Choose Transfer to Bank from menu.
  • Enter the amount
  • Tap Next
  • Choose the Instant Transfer option.

It will take 30 minutes to process.

  • Once the funds are credited, do the followings
  • Open the Cash App
  • Select the “My Cash” tab from the home
  • Go to the “My Cash” page, choose the “Add Cash” option
  • Next, enter the amount to add to your Cash App balance.
  • Click on the option ‘Add’

Make sure you confirm the amount before you click on the ‘Add’ button to proceed as it transfers the amount instantaneously.

This is how you can successfully transfer money from Apple pay to Cash app.


Final Words

If you have tried every method but are still not able to transfer the money, or your money is stuck when sending, then you can seek an instant support service from the Cash app team. They have a dedicated team of specialists who work day and night to resolve the issues and make your payment processing smooth and hassle-free. If you have any questions, you can raise your issue to the concerned team and they will help you out.